[ Today’s Japanese food: “Eho-maki” ]

The the normal type of "Eho-maki".

Today’s Japanese food is “Eho-maki”.

“Eho-maki” (lucky direction roll) is one of the sushi that is rolled with “nori” (laver).

Originally, in Japan, there is a traditional custom that eating the “Futo-maki” (large roll sushi) while thinking about your wish, on February 3 (“Setsubun”).

Seven kinds of ingredients materials are used for “Eho-maki”. The number “seven” means a thing associated with the Seven Deities of Good Luck in hope of business prosperity and a perfect state of health.The ingredient materials are not decided to undergo seven kinds of specific material. Typically, “Kanpyo” (dried gourd shavings), cucumber, “shiitake mushroom”, “datemaki tamago” (rolled egg), eel (or conger), “denbu” (minced fish) is used.

There is also a rule to eat the “Eho-maki” as to make your dream come true. According to the custom, one looks in the lucky direction of the year (according to the Chinese zodiac) with closed eyes and must eat it silently.

An annual lucky direction is decided and we eat for south-southeast in 2016.

By the way, “Eho” means the direction of the good luck. Therefore before one knows, “Futo-maki” came to be called “Eho-maki” in this season.
“Eho-maki” is sold in convenience stores or supermarkets on February 3 (“Setsubun”).

Please challenge “Eho-maki” if you come to Japan by chance on February 3!

Basically, you have to eat it at a mouthful.  For some "Eho-maki", it may be "Kaisen-maki" (the sea foods roll) which contains shrimp and crabs.  恵方巻="Eho-maki".