[ Japan of September ]

"Tsukimi" (Viewing the moon) (9/15)

It became in September.

In Japan, there is the end of the hot summer, and arrival of a fresh autumn season.
It is a season of the taste in autumn, such as the vegetables and fruit .

We will introduce some events in September.

1) “Tsukimi” (Viewing the moon) (9/15)
Japanese people look forward to the moon of September 15th.
This particular is called the “chuu-shuu-no-meigetsu” (harvest moon) and “jyuu-goya”(full moon night).
This day will decorate the “susuki” (pampas) and “tsukimi-dango” (dumpling for moon).
This year’s full moon is September 17.

2)”Keirou-no-hi”(Respect-for-the-Aged Day)
“Keirou-no-hi” (Respect-for-the-Aged Day) is one of Japanese national holiday.
That date is the 3rd Monday in September.
This day is celebrated to honor elderly citizens and longevity .

3)”Aki-no-ohigan” (Equinoctial week of spring) (From September 19 to 25)
The “Ohigan” is a unique Buddhist event in Japan.
“Ohigan” (Equinoctial week) is the 7 days of around the “vernal equinox day” and “autumnal equinox day”. It has these day and 3 days before and after.

A Japanese autumn flower begins to bloom.
“autumn colour of leaves” begin in a high mountain and the cold district.
What kind of autumn do you spend?

"Keirou-no-hi"(Respect-for-the-Aged Day)  "Aki-no-ohigan" (Equinoctial week of spring) (From September 19 to 25)