[Today’s Japanese culture : The reason why a toilets of Japan is clean.]

The reason why a toilets of Japan is clean

Today’s Japanese culture is “The reason why a toilets of Japan is clean”.

Japanese toilets are highly functional. And it is almost beautiful.

Why is Japanese toilet beautiful?
I thought there are several reasons.

1) cleaning and a check are frequent.
Department stores and office building toilets will be cleaned many times a day.
And the toilet-clean inspection slip is posted in the place, you can see all the time. The cleaning of toilet is very often.
Because the cleaned up toilet is it’s regarded as one of “Omotenashi” (hospitality).

2) Education from childhood.
Japanese elementary schools have time for “cleaning”. In Japan, we clean the school’s toilet from childhood.

3) Faith that God exists in the toilet.
There is faith called “Yao yorozu no kami” (myriads of gods) in Japan from old days. This is the idea that God exists anywhere. Naturally, there is God in the toilet, too.
And that God is said to be “Benzaiten” (Sarasvati). “The Sarasvati” is beauty and property and God of the entertainment.
We will clean the toilet where God exists.

By the way, in Japan, there is the idea “Clean the restroom if you want to succeed”.
The famous film director “Kitano Takeshi” and Matsushita Electric’s “Matsushita Konosuke” cleaned toilet too, so it’s said that they succeeded.

How is it?
Will you start cleaning the toilet from today too?

The cleaned up toilet is it's regarded as one of "Omotenashi" (hospitality).  "Benzaiten" (Sarasvati)