[ MIYAGI vol.2 – Japanese prefecture introduction – No.4 ]

"Juhyo" in Zao

On Wednesday, I introduce several specially products, famous places and more.

1) “Juhyo” in Zao
“Juhyo” is covered with snow and ice on fir trees shapes like shrimp tail. It is seen only in winter. Also it is called “Snow Monster”.
There are some courses for ski and snowboard, such as long downhill courses extending for 10km at their longest. And you can go to summit by rope way, of course you can see the awesome view of “Juhyo” from rope way.

2) “Matsushima”
“Matsushima” is group of island about 260 islands around Matsushima bay.
“Matsushima” is known as one of the three most beautiful views in Japan. Other views are “Ama no Hashidate” in Kyoto and “Miyajima” in Hiroshima.
There are some pleasure cruises, such as sunset cruise, night cruise and dinner cruise. The small pleasure cruise boat can go more closer to these islands.

3) “Gyuutan” (“beef tongue”)
“Gyuutan” (grilled tongue of beef) is famous gourmet in Sendai. “Gyuutan” of Sendai is thicker than it of usual Japanese Yakiniku restaurant.
And there are some seasoning types such as salty, sweet spicy sauce, miso taste and more.
In Sendai station, you can buy Gyuutan lunch box, it is so delicious! If you visit Sendai city you should try it!

I’m pleased that this article is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Beautiful view of Matsushima.  "Gyuutan" ("beef tongue")