[ FUKUSHIMA vol.2 – Japanese prefecture introduction – No.7 ]


On Wednesday, I introduce several specially products, famous places and more.

1) “Ouchi-juku”
“Ouchi-juku” locates in Minami-Aizu city. There are many old houses since Edo era.
The oldest house was built about 400 years before.
And this lodging town is not exhibits, actually people are living in it now.
From April to October, bus running 6 times by 1 day. But from November to March, you have to take taxi because bus is not service.

2) “Spa Resort Hawaiians”
“Spa Resort Hawaiians” is a theme park with pools, spas, Hula and fire dance shows. It became famous because of the Japanese film named “Hula Girls”.
To fully enjoy this Hawaiians, I recommend staying at the Hotel Hawaiians.
Also the access from Tokyo station is convenient. It takes about 2 hours and half hour to Jyoban-line “Yumoto station” by JR express. And you can get on the free shuttle bus to “Spa Resort Hawaiians”.

3) “Kitakata Ramen”
If you visit Kitakata area, please do eat “Kitakata Ramen”!
The characteristic are thick noodles and soy sources tasted soup. Main topping is roast pork, leek and Chinese bamboo shoot.
“Kitakata Ramen” is known as the three most famous Ramen in Japan along with “Sapporo Ramen” in Hokkaido and “Hakata Ramen” in Fukuoka.
I wish you eat it and you feel delicious!

I’m pleased that this article is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Kitakata Ramen  Spa Resort Hawaiians at Iwaki.