[“Cape Suzu” – Spiritual place in Hokuriku area / Ishikawa ]

The sunrise give you spiritual power.

Cape Suzu is located in the tip of Noto peninsula.
It’s called “Sanctuary Cape”. It’s one of top 3 spiritual place in Japan.

Japanese style hotel “Lamp no yado” are there, since 450 years ago. It faces the Sea of Japan. They have the nice viewing and you can get something spiritual power.

In the hotel, there are no TV. You can stay at a quiet room and you will relax there.

The sea is lit up at night. It’s very beautiful. But it’s better view of the sunrise too. The sunrise give you spiritual power.

Around the Hotel many spiritual places are there. For example “Blue Cave” (It’s by the shore), “Power Hole” (It’s like a pool made by nature). Through this trip, you can forget daily life. You will relax and you can get spiritual power.
Would you like such a trip?

[ Information ] Yosigaura Onsen “Lamp no yado”
10-11 Jike, Misaki-cho, Suzu, Ishikawa
■TEL: +81-768-86-8000
■e-mail: info-lampnoyado@lampnoyado.co.jp
■URL: http://www.lampnoyado.co.jp/en/index_en.html
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SelectOnsenJapan
It takes 1 hours from “Haneda” airport to “Noto-satoyama” airport.
And you take the “furusato” taxi from “Noto-satoyama” airport. It takes about 80 minutes.

"Blue Cave"  Yosigaura Onsen "Lamp no yado"