[“Lake Tazawa” is the deepest lake in Japan @ Akita Pref.]

There is "statue of Tatsu-ko" in the "Lake Tazawako".

Lake “Tazawa” is a freshwater lake in Senboku city, Akita Prefecture.
The lake is known as the deepest lake in Japan.
In addition, it has been selected in “Japan Hyakkei” (100 best sceneries in Japan).

Lake “Tazawa” is the biggest depth is 423.4m.
And, this lake is deep to the 17th in the world. (The deepest lake is Lake Baikal in the world.)
This lake is very deep and water is clear.
The color of the lake is blue, and it is a unique color. It is called “the Lake Tazawa blue”.

There is “statue of Tatsu-ko” in the Lake “Tazawa”. This statue shines in gold.
This is “a statue of a legendary beautiful daughter”. Long ago, the beautiful daughter named “Tatsu-ko” had became the dragon.

Well, there are many fish near the “statue of Tatsu-ko”.
Here is sells bait fish, so you can also give the bait.

[ Information ] “Lake Tazawa”
No regular holiday
Tazawako, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture
■TEL: +81-187-43-2111
(Tazawa-ko Tourism Association)
■URL: http://www.tazawako.org/
By “Akita Shinkansen” from “Tokyo station” to “Tazawa-ko Station”. It takes about 3hour ride.
About 40 minutes by car from the “Tazawa-ko Station”.

The color of the lake is blue, and it is a unique color. called "the Lake Tazawa blue".  many fish near the "statue of Tatsu-ko"