[Blue Grotto in Okinawa]

”Maeda Misaki”

Okinawa is a small island which is the part of Japan closest to Taiwan.
Okinawa is probably the most relaxing place in Japan and it is very popular, not only among Japanese people but also foreign tourists too.
Most people who come here have one main aim; to enjoy the beautiful sea!
Snorkeling in Okinawa is highly recommended because the sea is crystal clear and has many beautiful fish.
The most popular place to snorkel is called “Ao-no-doukutsu”(Blue Grotto).
You can dive in the sparkling blue sea. You can also swim with the very beautiful fish and feed them as well.
Even in winter, it is possible to swim here!! Because the temperature of the sea is around 20 degrees Celsius(68℉).
There are many tours available, which you can charter the ship for your own individual visiting.
Whichever season you choose, you are sure to find a warm welcome in Okinawa!!

[Information] ”Ao-no-doukutsu” (Blue Grotto)
469-1 Maeda,Kunigami-gun Onnason,Okinawa
■Website: http://okinawa-aonodoukutu.com/ (Only Japanese)
Acout 1 hour and 15 minutes from Naha Airport by car

Inside the "Okinawa Blue Grotto".  Fun diving!! The fish live in Blue Grotto.