Do you know “Ueno-koen Park”?

Cherry trees

“Ueno-koen Park” is a park in Ueno, near Asakusa, Tokyo.

The official name is called “Ueno royal gift park”.
It was designated the park in Japan for the first time, with Shiba, Asakusa, Fukagawa, Asukayama.
In Ueno-koen Park, there are a lot of cherry trees in spring, lotus flowers in the summer, autumn leaves in autumn.
We can watch beautiful Japanese nature throughout the year in the park!
In the park, there are 4 art museums ,1 zoo, 2 museums. and so on.
On the next time, I introduce one of the museums in this park, ” National Museum of Nature and Science”.

[ Information ] ■Address:
■TEL:+81-3-3828-5644(Ueno-koen Park Office)
About 5 minites’ walk from JR Ueno Station, Subway Ueno Stations
(Ginza-line or Hibiya-line), Keisei Ueno Station, or Subway Nezu Station

Lotus flowers  Autumn leaves