[ “Doutonbori” (@Osaka) ]

”Takoyaki”. The popular food in "OSAKA".

“Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki” come from Osaka, this two foods really represent Japan.
Dotonbori, the central area of Osaka, has many restaurants serving these delicious dishes, so you can try the authentic taste.
Additionally, there are many theatres and other entertaining activities, for example you can enjoy “Kabuki” here.
Also, the many and varied shops make you impossible to be bored!!
When you come to “Doutonbori”, don’t miss taking photos in some places.
Taking a photo with the large “Glico” advertisement is very popular. Most visitors to Osaka like to copy his victory pose in the photo as proof they have visited “Dotonbori”!
Also you should take photos with the statue of a man (“Kuidaore-Taro”) wearing glasses, red and white striped clothes and holding a drum.
He is one of the symbols of “Dotonbori” and he’s so popular that you may have to line up to take your photo with him!

[Information] “Dotonbori”
Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city
■Website: http://www.dotonbori.or.jp/en/
■Access: Subway: Mido-suji namba line “Namba” station Exit. no.25
Airport shuttle bus: from Kansai International Airport to Namba station

“Glico” advertisement.  A signboard of crab. Restaurant "Kani Douraku". Statue of a man “Kuidaore-Taro”. Popular in “Dotonbori”.