[ The largest sand dunes “Tottori Sand Dunes” @ Tottori ]

Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dunes (“Tottori Sa-kyu”) is the largest sand dunes in Japan. The width of it is about 2.4Km from north to south, and about 16Km from east to west. It is located in Tottori Prefecture.
In Tottori Sand Dunes, there are a lot of sand everywhere. Almost none of the grass has grown in here.
The ripple patterns are seen in the beautifully rolling dunes. And by the wind, the ripple patterns are changed at all times.
If you go to Tottori Sand Dunes, you can walk into sand dunes. The most common course is climbing the center dune, known as “Uma-no-se” (literally meaning horseback). Its height is about 47m! Because the roads are slippery with sand, climbing the dune is really hard. And after you go to the top of dune, you will have some sand in your shoes! So you go out dune, please remove the sand.
If it rains, the ripples are not seen clearly. So, please check the weather for your visiting.
Next to Tottori Sand Dunes, there is Tottori Sand Dunes Geopark Center. The center is the place for learning Tottori Sand Dunes. You are able to learn the natural environment and history about sand dunes by some movies and panels.

[ Information ] “Tottori Sand Dunes”
2164-661 Yuyama, Fukubecho, Tottori City, Tottori
■Open: 24h / 365d
9:00~17:00 (Tottori Sand Dunes Geopark Center)
■TEL:+81-857-22-0021 (Tottori Sand Dunes Geopark Center)
■URL: http://www.city.tottori.lg.jp/geopark/en/index.html
■Admission: Free
By Car:20 minute drive from JR “Tottori Station”

Uma-no-se  Ripple patterns(1) Ripple patterns(2)  the view from top of Uma-no-se