[Great Wood GATE at “Cion-in Temple” @ Kyoto]

Cion-in Temple

“Chion-in temple” is one of most particular asked you among many temples in Kyoto. Large main gate “SANMON” and the large bell, “BONSHO” are famous. This time, I introduce “SANMON”.
“SANMON” is a national treasure of Japan. You must see it particularly. This wooden largest building in Japan, it is two-storied gate towering. It was founded in mid the Edo period (1600-1867).
It was donated by Tokugawa “Shoguns”. “Shogun” is General of SAMURAI in Japan. They are proud of power as domination and control of Japan all land.
Delaying the delivery time due to much of size, head quarter of carpenters had taken the responsibility to commit suicide…
This gate is too large, you see plate of temple name, it is big size about 7m*2m (23ft*7ft) !!
In autumn, the changing leaves are beautiful at “Chion-in temple”!

[ Information ] Chion-in temple
Am9:00-pm4:00(gate close pm 4:30) everyday
〒605-8686 Chion-in 400 Rinka-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city
■TEL: +81-75-531-2111
■URL: http://www.chion-in.or.jp/e/
■Access: Nearest station Subway Tozai-line Higashiyama and 8minutes on foot.
By bus from Kyoto-sta. #206 and get off Chion-in.

Plate of temple name, it is big size!!