[ Japanese word: “WASHOKU” ]

Variety side dishes

Today’s Japanese word is “WASHOKU”.

“WASHOKU” has been registered in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage as “traditional food culture of the Japanese” in December 2014.

“WASHOKU”(Japanese cuisine) is constituted by rice, soup, and side dish. It’s a good balanced and healthy meal.
We call “ICHIJU SANSAI”: 1 soup and 3 side dishes.
The side dishes often consist of fish, pickled vegetables or meat.
It’s an ideal combination.

“WASHOKU” helped longevity and obesity prevention of Japanese people.

Also, I introduce you greeting time of meal.
Before the eating: “ITADAKIMASU”.
After the eating: “GOCHISOUSAMA”.

Let’s use these greeting!

TONKATSU  A Japanese "teishoku" meal