[ Today’s Japanese food: “Tempura” ]

Set meal type “Tempura” ("Tempura teisyoku").

Today’s Japanese word is “Tempura”.
“Tempura” is the deep-fried food. You put on the batter to the ingredients such as fishery products or vegetables, and fried it.
To make the batter, you need to mix well the water or “Dashi” and an egg (*A). And after mix the wheat flour with *A. You can make “Tempura” deliciously if you mix it until batter is smooth.
It is the Japanese representative dish. Lot of Japanese people like it, me too!
You can eat “Tempura” with rice ball (“Tendon”) or a set meal (“Tempura-teisyoku”). This time I introduce the set meal type “Tempura-teisyoku”.
Please look at the photo. The main dish will be the “Tempura”. You dip the “Tempura” into the sauce called “Ten-tsuyu”.
You also put inside the “Daikon-oroshi” (grated radishes) and some ginger as you like.
This time I ate “Ebi” (shrimp), “Kabocha” (pumpkin), “Maitake” (mushroom), “Ika” (squid), “Kisu” (sand borer), “Shishi-togarashi” (sweet green pepper).
They are so delicious!!
Someday, I will introduce “Tendon”.
Please check which do you like.

You can eat variety of "Tempura".  “Ebi-tempura” (shrimp). “Maitake-tempura” (mushroom).  “Kisu-tempura” (sand borer).