Special feature of Japan Medicine [ “Megu-rizumu” ]

“Megu-rizumu” for eyes.

It is sudden, aren’t your eyes tired from watching smartphones too much?
When I watched my smartphone for hours, and when I carried out small activities by working and houseworking, my eyes are so heavy.
How about using “Megu-rizumu” in such a case?
“Megu-rizumu” is like an eye pillow. It is a disposable eye mask to ease the stiffness of eyes.
It is now hot item for travelers visiting to Japan.
You can purchase it in the drugstores and the large general merchandising stores.
How to use is very simple. Take out the mask from a bag and only covered your eyes.
Hot steam is generated from a mask and it gradually warm the eyes and ease stiffness and fatigue. About 40 degrees Celsius of hot steam lasts for ten minutes.
There are the types to put to a shoulder and a waist as well as eyes.
Let’s take the stiffness when you’ve been exhausted.
There is the healing effect, too.

“Megu-rizumu” for a shoulder and a waist.  “Megu-rizumu” sheet.  Display for souvenirs.