[Natural “Shuro-Tawashi” @ “Kanaya Burashi” in Asakusa/Tokyo]

"Kanaya Burashi"

When your pan or pot has been scorched, how do you wash it?
Stainless steel scrubbing brush? or the sponge?

Of course, stainless steel scrubbing brush is effective in scorched most.

But have you damaged a favorite pan or pot with stainless steel scrubbing brush?
I have experienced many times lol.

So, I tried using the “Shuro-Tawashi” (hemp palm scrubbing brush).
The hemp palm is one of the type of palm.
“Shuro-Tawashi” is made from the bark of the hemp palm.

“Shuro-Tawashi” will be removed the scorched without scratching the pot.
Of course, using it, you wash potatoes,carrots and so on.
And it consists of nature materials without the latch.
It is environment-friendly.
I bought the “Shuro-Tawashi” at “Kanaya Burashi” in Asakusa.
“Kanaya Burashi” is the scrubbing brush or brush specialty store. “Kanaya Burashi” was founded in the Edo era.

There are animal’s dolls made of “Tawashi” at the entrance.
The store is sold the hair brush, toothbrush and many kind of brush.

I bought “Shuro-Tawashi” for 400 yen.

Please you buy the “Shuro-Tawashi” for your pot and nature.

[ Information ] Kanaya Burashi
10:30~17:00 No regular holiday
1-39-10 Asakusa,Taito-ku ,Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3841-8848
■URL: http://www.kanaya-brush.com/
8~10-minute walk Subway Ginza line “Tawara-machi Station” or ”Asakusa Station”

Animal's dolls made of "Tawashi"  hair brush  "Shuro-Tawashi"