[ Get home electric appliances and X’mas present at “Yodobashi-Camera” @ Akihabara/Tokyo ]

"Yodobashi-Akiba" has 9 floors.

Have you choose Christmas present for someone this year? Or, did you choose Christmas present for you?
I would like to introduce “Yodobashi-Camera” as a place to buy Christmas present at Japan! You can buy a lot of kinds of goods at here.
Particularly, “Yodobashi-Camera” @ Akihabara is called “Yodobashi-Akiba”. This store has large selection of home electric appliances, cameras, watches, variety goods, toys and others.
You won’t get tired even if you had been there for all day long!
And for women, I recommend beauty home appliances and kitchen appliances. Such as, electric rice cooker, juice mixer and shower toilet (Washlet).
The latest home appliances makes life more usefully, more beautifully, and more deliciously.
Of course there is expensive home appliance too, but not all are high.
Also, most of the appliances are TAX FREE!!
How about giving yourself something special as a reward for the hard work over the year?
I hope you could find your favorites when you came to “Yodobashi-Akiba”!

[ Information ] Yodobashi-Akiba
Open through out the year
1-1 Hanaoka-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-5209-1010
■URL:http://www.yodobashi-akiba.com/index.html (Only in Japanese)
Direct connection from “Akihabara Station”
・Tsukuba Express Line
・JR Yamanote Line / Sobu Line / Keihin Touhoku Line
・Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Is there the watch you are looking for?  The rice of the latest rice cooker is really delicious. The latest mixer is reasonable, but can make a smoothie deliciously.  The goods of Star Wars are prepared now.