Special feature of Japan Medicine [ “Netsu-sama sheet” (cooling sheet) ]

The thing on a forehead is the "Netsu-sama sheet".

In Japan, when we catch a cold and ran a fever, there is a method to put an ice pack or a wet towel on the forehead to cool heat.
We cooled the heat so that temperature won’t rise too high.
However, you must change the towel frequently because the towel gets warm by heat in early pace. Also, it often falls from the head when you toss and turn.

Such in the case, using the “Netsu-sama sheet” (cooling sheet) is very convenient. “Netsu-sama sheet” is a gel sheet with cooling capsule inside. It is made sticky, so it hardly falls off.
It continues cooling off temperature for -2℃ without changing even after about 8 hours.
Besides, the cooling effect continues well if it is still wet, even if the sheet got hot.

There are two types of “Netsu-sama sheet”, for children and for adult.
As well as fever, you can use it for the bodies which flushed such as a heat stroke, a headache, and a toothache.

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When heat goes up, let's use this "Netsu-sama sheet"!  A cooling sheet and cold medicine.