Special feature of Japan Medicine [ “Salonpas” and “Anmelt-Yoko-Yoko” ]


Do you know the symptom called “Kata-kori” (stiff shoulder)?
The stiff shoulder is a symptom to be painful and feel heavy when you move your shoulder. The parts from the neck to the shoulder, and the interscapular is mainly stiff.
Have you ever thought of that you have a pain in the shoulder and the neck, when you take the same posture in everyday life (ex: standing work for a long time, watching a smartphone for several hours)?
If you just have the pain, it will get worse more and more. Not only you have the pain, but also the headache and nausea causes too. In fact, it is serious.
The medicine to control the pain is, “Salonpas” and “Anmelt Yoko-Yoko”!
“Salonpas” is a medicinal patch curing stiffness. You put the patch on the affected part. Inside the medicinal patch, there are effective ingredient for stiffness.
“Anmelt Yoko-Yoko” is also a medicine for curing stiffness. It is a liquid type to apply to the affected part. In the liquid, there are effective ingredient for stiffness.
Isn’t a shoulder carrying a souvenir during a trip in Japan are tired? The smell of “Salonpas” and “Anmelt Yoko-Yoko” is unique, but the effect is great!!
Please purchase it for you or a souvenir, when you come to Japan.

"Anmelt-Yoko-Yoko" and others.  A liquid type.