[ The Japanese food: “CHAMPON” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “CHAMPON”.
“CHAMPON” is the Japanese noodle soup dish. It is local dish of “Nagasaki” prefecture in Japan.
The base ingredients of “CHAMPON” are Chinese-style wheat noodles (It is commonly called, “CHAMPON-MEN” (noodle)), several tens of kinds of vegetables, pork meat, fish meat industrial goods, and “Tonkotsu and Torigara” (pork and a chicken bones) soup. We eat “CHAMPON” usually with hot soup.
It has a lot of ingredient materials, it is healthy, and become full more than “RAMEN”.
There are various opinions about the etymology of “CHAMPON”. It is said that “CHAMPON” is a coined word means that “mix a different things”.
It is also said that there is some possibility of the etymology same as “campur” of Malay and Indonesian.
“CHAMPON” resembles “RAMEN” closely, but how to make is different.
How to make “CHAMPON”:
1) Sauté several tens of kinds of vegetables, pork meat and fish meat.
2) Boil the sautéd materials(1) with soup.
3) Boil the noodle (“CHAMPON-MEN”).
4) Put the boiled noodles(3) into the soup(2).
As for the person who has eaten “RAMEN”, “SOBA”, “UDON”, please try “CHAMPON” the next!

Looks like RAMEN  Oyster CHAMPON  Tsuke-CHAMPON(dipping type)  Hiyashi-CHAMPON (cold type)