[ Japanese word “ORIGAMI”]

"Senba-zuru" (thousand cranes)

Today’s Japanese word is “ORIGAMI”.

“ORIGAMI” is one of Japanese unique traditional arts. It is called paper folding.

“ORIGAMI” is making a piece of paper into birds, animals and many other things without using scissors or paste.

May be you had seen “ORIZURU” (Paper Crane)?
It’s a piece of paper folded the shape of a crane.
In Japan, there is “senba-zuru (thousand crane)”.
“senba-zuru” are connected 1,000 paper cranes.
It is the symbol of regain one’s health, longevity or peace.

Many of Japanese people make variety things by “ORIGAMI” from Childhood.
There are 2 knacks to folding nicely.
1) corners or sides of a piece of paper meet as closely possible.
2) press the folded crease firmly.

Anybody can make many things, if there is a square of paper.
You should try it!!

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