[Special movie: “Onbashira” Festival @ Suwa in Nagano ]

“Onbashira” festival take place in the “Suwa Taisha Shrine” in Suwa area at Nagano Prefecture.
Also, this is the largest event in Suwa area.
This festival is “Nagano Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural heritage”.
In addition, it is one of the Japan’s three biggest strange festivals.

This festival is a festival to replace the main pillar of the shrine.
This Movie is Famous scene of “Onbashira”.
This festival was held in April 3 2016.
This scene is to drop the tree (“Onbashira”) that was cut from the “Kiotoshi-zaka” (the hill).
The most dangerous, there is still the most impressive.

They erected a Gohashira (pillar) to the four sides of the shrine as the finale of the festival.
This is called “Tate-Onbashira”.
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