[Studying Japanese: How to shop “Cash register edition”]

Studying Japanese: How to shop "Cash register edition"

Good evening! It was the new week.
Thank you for reading always!

Let’s study the “How to shop in Japan” in Japanese today!
This time is “How to shop <Cash register edition>”.

Here we go! lesson!

Customer) “Kore Kuda sai.” (I’d like this one.)
Casher) “2, 300yen desu.” (It will be 2, 300 yen.)
Customer) “go-sennYen de onegai shimasu.”(5, 000 yen, please.)
Casher) “Ni-sen Nana-hyaku yen no okaeshi desu.”
(The change is 2, 700 yen.)
“Arigatou gozaimashita.” (Thank you very much.)

In Japan, when a clerk receives money, there is 2 patterns of answer.

1) No change: “Choudo itadaki masu.” (Just have it.)
2) With change: “〇〇yen oazukari itashi masu.” ( 〇〇yen, I will keep it.)

And, the casher says only the refund amount.

It’s easy, so let’s use it!