[ Japanese Nail Art ]

Lace design and parts of stone and ribbon nail.

Do you like to do nail art (manicure/polish) ?

Nail art (manicure/polish) is the beauty treatment for the fingers and foot’s nail.
Women always want to be stylish ^^.

There are some ways to do nail art, like using polish or gel.

Today, I want to introduce Japanese nail arts.

The nail arts started from the decoration of the nail in the days of ancient Egypt.
It seemed to be popular to nail among Japanese noble in the Heian era (year794-1185). They did nail with the juice of the flowers these days.

In 1990s, polish nail spread out in Japan.
And the gel nail came to be popular in Japan in extremely recent (about 2006s).

Japanese Gel Nail are now being very popular because the designs are gorgeous and delicate.
Delicate brushwork design is drawn on the nails of some photographs. Putting the imitation stones and parts of ribbon and shells are also gorgeous and pretty!

Among the foreign visitors, it is popular to have a “Japanese-style (design) nail arts” during their stay.

If you like to do nail, please check the “Japanese-style (design) nail arts” too.

It’s sooo cute!!

Heart design and parts of stone and key nail.  Water surface design and parts of stone, shell and feather nail. French design and parts of stone nail.  Leopard print design and parts of stone and ribbon nail.