[”Halloween Events in Japan!!” @Japan ]

”Happy Halloween!!”

”Happy Halloween!!”
Hi, everyone. Are you enjoying today’s Halloween?
I’d like to introduce Halloween of Japan today.
Halloween of Japan are little different. Not only trick-or-treating, but also Japanese enjoys “disguise”.
Japanese Halloween is disguising events and walking the towns such as Shibuya or Odaiba and so on.
The disguising costumes such as witch or Disney characters are also popular in Japan, but there is a costumes being conscious of “Japan”, too. Example “Miko (A shrine maiden)”, “Ninjya” and “Japanese anime characters”.
This year, I challenge “Miko”’s costume! Please look my picture!! These costumes are sold in shops or at Amazon.
Some Japanese who are enjoying “disguise” for the event of the Halloween, they are making the costume of one’s own work for half to one year.
They put their heart and soul into it every year!This is because to participates in events and to rise.
If you have a forthcoming plan to Japan in late October, please come to see the Halloween events (It starts every year on Saturday and Sunday of the end of October) in Shibuya, Odaiba and so on.
Very cool scenes can be seen!