[ Oomiya Hikawa Shrine(Saitama) ]

The entrance of the main shrine. The cinnabar red gate is mysterious!

In Japan, really there are a lot of Shrines(“Jinja”) exist.
I will introduce Oomiya Hikawa Shrine. Because the history of the erection is old, this shrine is every bit as good as the others.
It is erected about 2,400 years ago, and Oomiya Hikawa Shrine is the head temple of a Hikawa shrine where there are about 280 shrines in Saitama and Tokyo.
The first three days of the New Year(1/1~1/3), worshipers are more than 2 million people!!
There is a long avenue(about 2km!) to arrive to the entrance of the precincts of Oomiya Hikawa Shrine. You can watch beautiful scenery in the season of colored leaves.
When you go straight the precincts from the entrance, you can see the main shrine.
There are five sacred trees in the main shrine, and it is believed you can get more power of nature when you touch it and pray.
Elsewhere in the precincts, there is a pond and eight shrines are enshrined other than a main shrine.
Oomiya Hikawa Shrine is regarded as having divine favor in smooth human relations, and forming a connection with someone.
How about praying for the long relationship with your family and Japan?

[ Information ] Oomiya Hikawa Shrine(Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Jinja)
■Opening Hours:
Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct 5:30am-5:30pm
May-Aug 5am-6pm
Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec 6am-5pm
Entrance Fee: Free
1-407, Takahanacho,Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
■URL: http://musashiichinomiya-hikawa.or.jp/ (Only Japanese)
JR Oomiya station
15 minute walk from the East exit
8 minute drive using Taxi (about 730yen/ Max four person)
■Taxi reservation center:

The worshiper who comes to the main shrine for praying.  A sacred tree with mysterious power. Pray to a sacred tree and get power.  The entrance of the precincts.  If a bad luck appears on the written oracle, you tie it to this tree. This is because of not to bring the bad thing to your home.
埼玉県大宮区高鼻町1丁目407 大宮氷川神社