[Gunma Museum of Natural History / Gunma ]

the figure of Tyrannosaurus

Gunma Museum of Natural History is located in Gunma Prefecture.
This museum opened on October 22, 1996. In the museum, there are the displays about Gunma’s nature.

It is located near the site of the fossil of a Yabe’s Giant Fallow Deer (Sinomegaceros yabei).
So, there are many fossil of the dinosaur in museum.
And the figure of Tyrannosaurus is moving. It seems a real dinosauls!

At the image of Bone Bed, you experience illustrates the excavation of a Triceratops in South Dakota, U. S. Triceratops, a Ceratopsia. It is characterized by three large horns. The exhibit shows actual fossils of the Triceratops in actual arrangement.

Visitors can enjoy a thrilling, bird’s-eye view of the bone bed (placed about three meters under the floor), through reinforced glass.

In the museum, the permanent exhibition has five sections.

1)The Age of the Earth.
2)The Nature and Environment of Gunma.
3)The Darwin Room.
4)Humans in Nature.
5)The Precious Earth.

You enjoy learning of Gunma’s nature and dinosauls.

[Information] Gunma Museum of Natural History
Closed on Monday (if Monday falls on a national holiday, closed on the following day), Year-end and new-year holidays (Dec. 27 – Jan. 3) Other days, as necessary
1674-1, Kamikuroiwa, Tomioka-shi, Gunma-ken
■TEL: +81-274-60-1200
■URL: http://www.gmnh.pref.gunma.jp/english
It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from Joshin-dentetsu “Jyousyu-tomioka” station.

fossils  The stuffed eagle