[“Kairakuen” @ Mito / Ibaraki ]

plum trees @ Kairakuen

The “Kairakuen” is the Japanese landscape garden in Mito, Ibaraki.
This garden is famous for a lot of plum trees. It is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan.
This garden is started by Nariaki Tokugawa (9th feudal lord of Mito, Edo era). The park opened in July 1842.

Around the park, we can find Japanese plums, a cedar forest, bamboo trees, cherry blossoms, azaleas, Japanese clovers, and truly enjoy four seasons. From the mid of February to the mid of March, about 3000 plum trees bloom.

In the garden, there are Japanese building named “Kobuntei”. There are the pictures painted on a sliding paper door. It is very beautiful. You can feel the Japanese tradition.

In this garden, it has small area and large area. In the large area, there are Senba Lake, plum trees, maple trees, and so on.

[Information] Kairakuen
6:00~19:00 (February 20 ~ September 30)
7:00~18:00 (October 1 ~ February 19)
■Closed: Open every day
■Admission: Free
“Kobuntei”: Adult 200 yen, Junior High & Elementary Students 100 yen.
■Address: 〒310-0033
1-3-3 Tokiwacho Mito, Ibaraki.
■TEL: +81-29-244-5454
■URL: http://www.koen.pref.ibaraki.jp/foreign_langua…/…/index.html
about 5 minutes walking from “Kairakuen Mae” bus stop.
To “Kairakuen Mae” bus stop, it takes 15 minutes by bus from the north side of Mito Station (any bus heading for “Kairakuen”).

plum blossom  "Kobuntei"