[ “Amanohashidate” @ kyoto : One of the “Three Views of Japan” ]


“Amanohashidate” is a natural land bridge located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.
This natural land bridge is a sandbank with many trees ranges from 20m to 170m. There is the span of 3.6km in Miyazu Bay. It is being called “Three Views of Japan” along with “Matsushima” in Miyagi Prefecture and “Miyajima” in Hiroshima Prefecture.

“Amanohashidate” has been formed by tectonic movements of plates over thousands of years. It means ‘bridge to the heavens’. It was named for its shape which looks like a bridge linking to the sky. It is recommended to bend over and see the “Amanohashidate” upside down (“matanozoki” in Japanese) from the observatory and you will see how the bridge links to the sky!

It takes around 2hours from Kyoto city and around 2.5hours from Osaka city by train to the “Amanohashidate”.
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the observatory “Amanohashidate” View Land, walking, or even swimming at the beach near it.

[Information] Amanohashidate
24hours (Opens 7 days a week)
Monjuamanohashidatekouen, Miyazu, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-772-22-8030
■URL: http://www.amanohashidate.jp/
Kyoto-tango-tetsudou “Amanohashidate station”
It takes about 2 hours from Kyoto.

Amanohashidate  Amanohashidate  Amanohashidate