[ “HIE-JINJYA”@Akasaka/Tokyo ]

Entrance of the "HIE-JINJYA".

3 minutes walk from “Akasaka Station”, there is the “HIE-JINJYA” (HIE-shrine).
“HIE-JINJYA” was erected as the guardian deity of the castle of “Edo” in 1478.
When “Ieyasu Tokugawa” moved to Edo in 1590, he had also adoration the “HIE-JINJYA” as the “Guardian deity of Tokugawa successive reigns”.

There are a few characteristic things in the “HIE-JINJYA”.
It is that “statue of the monkey” is enshrined. And we call this monkey “SHIN-EN-ZOU” (God monkey statue).
Then why is it “monkey”?
Worshiped God in “HIE-JINJYA” is connected with Worshiped God in “Hiyoshi-Taisha” (Shrine) in Shiga prefecture.
Many monkeys lives in “Hiei-zan” (Mt. Hiei) where “Hiyoshi-Taisha (Shrine)” is enshrined.
And monkeys were considered to be the minister of God.

Therefore, there are two “SHIN-EN-ZOU” in “HIE-JINJYA”.
“SHIN-EN-ZOU” of photograph (3) is male. This monkey has divine
favor of business and company’s prosperity.
The person who prays for success, pats the head of the monkey statue and worshiped today.
Banana seems to be offered any time!
And “SHIN-EN-ZOU” of photograph (4) is female. She holds young
monkey in her arm. It is believed by a person praying for an safe delivery and good children. Women most pat this monkey statue.

“HIE-JINJYA” backs up the person who wants to play the active parts in the world, the person living seriously and the person hopes for the business prosperity.
When you come to Japan for a trip, please come to worship the “HIE-JINJYA”.

[ Information ] “HIE-JINJYA”
■Worship time: April – September 5am – 6pm
October – May 6am – 5pm
2-10-5, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3502-2205
■URL: http://www.hiejinja.net/en/
3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro “Akasaka station” exit 2

"HIE-JINJYA".  The male "SHIN-EN-ZOU".  The female "SHIN-EN-ZOU".  Lot's of people pray for their wish.  There are few ways to go to "HIE-JINJYA".
東京都千代田区永田町2丁目10-5 日枝神社