[Japanese word ”Hatsuyume”]

Japanese word ”Hatsuyume”

Today’s Japanese word is ”Hatsuyume”(Year’s first dream)
The Japanese New Year has many own customs.
“Hatsuyume” is one of them.
”Hatsuyume” is the dream seen on the night of January 2nd.

”Hatsuyume” has traditional lucky items.
There are the 1st Mount Fuji , 2nd hawk and 3rd eggplant, in Japanese “Ichi Fuji, Ni Taka, San Nasubi”.
If we see the these lucky items in the “Hatsytume”, it’s so lucky!!
It is also said that these items were liked by “Ieyasu” (edo era Emperor).
By the way, there are traditional things in order to see the good ”Hatsuyume”.
If you want to have good ”Hatsuyume”, it is said that you put the picture of “Shichi-fukujin” (Seven Deities of Good Luck) on “Takarabune” (treasure ship) under the pillow in the January 2nd.
In addition, you may write Japanese poem in that picture.
“Nakakiyono toononehurino minamesame naminorihuneno otonoyokikana” 「なかきよの とおのねふりの みなめさめ なみのりふねの おとのよきかな」
If you saw bad dreams, in the next morning, you flow the picture of treasure ship in the river, it will change your luck.

Have you seen good dream?