[ “Itsukushima Jinjya” / Miyajima @ Hiroshima]

“Itsukushima Jinjya” and "Ootorii"

“Itsukushima Jinjya” is a Shinto shrine in “Itsukushima (Miya-jima)” of Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima.

It is the total head shrine of “Itsukushima Jinjya”, which there is about 500 in the whole country.
It is enrolled in world’s cultural heritage of the UNESCO as “Itsukushima Shinto Shrine”.

It is famous for the faith of “Heike” (平家: The military affairs noble who existed from the end of tenth century through the eleventh century).
And the current large-scale main shrine which stood on the sea was built by “Kiyomori Taira”(平清盛). He is a “Heike” military commander, and a court noble of the last years of “Heian era”.

The six buildings including the main shrine, the front shrine and the corridor are appointed now by a national treasure. In addition, 14 buildings are appointed to an important cultural property.

16m in height “Otorii” (important cultural property) in “Itsukushima Jinjya” to have been made on the sea is one of the Japan’s three biggest “toriis”.
“Torii” is a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine.

Because “Itsukushima Jinjya” was built on the sea, you cannot pass through under the “torii” at the time of the high tide. If you want to pass the “torii”, you have to wait until ebb tide.

An annual schedule of an annual tide table is described on the website of association of Miya-jima sightseeing,. So you should choose the day of the best tide if you make a plan of the trip to “Itsukushima Jinjya”.

[ Information ] “Itsukushima Jinjya”
1/1 ~ 1/5: Depending on the situation
1/6 ~ 2/28: 6:30 ~ 17:30
3/1 ~ 10/14: 6:30 ~ 18:00
10/15 ~ 11/30: 6:30 ~ 17:30
12/1 ~ 12/31: 6:30 ~ 17:00
Adult 300yen / Over high school 200yen / Over primary school 100yen
1-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Pref.
■TEL: +81-829-44-2011
■URL: http://www.miyajima.or.jp/english/index.html
You get on the ferry from “Miyajima Guchi”.
At first, you go to “Miyajima Guchi” from Hiroshima City.
1) By JR “Sanyo” line (To Iwakuni), it takes 27 minutes (410 yen).
There are few train services.
2) By Hiroshima Electric Railway, it takes 69 minutes from Hiroshima Station (260 yen) or 52 minutes from the A-Bomb Dome (260 yen).
Second, you get on the ferry from “Miyajima Guchi” to Miyajima. It takes 10 minutes. The fee is 180 yen for adults, 90yen for children.

14-minute walk (1.1km) from Miyajima Ferry terminal to “Itsukushima Jinjya”.

The “Itsukushima Jinjya” at the time of the middle tide.  The "Ootorii" at the time of the ebb tide. The “Itsukushima Jinjya” at the time of the ebb tide.  On the stage of ”Itsukushima Jinjya", Noh farce is played.