[ Fantasy and artistic “Yatsuhashi” @ Kyoto ]

Artistic "Yatsuhashi"

Many people visit Kyoto and buy the souvenir. One of the most popular souvenir is “Yatsuhashi”.

Now, you are surprised with “Yatsuhasi”, it is cute and tasty.
“Shogoin-Yatsuhashi” has been long-established, but has opened new cafe “Nikiniki”. At “Nikiniki”, you are able to buy and eat some beautiful and cute “Yatsuhashi”.
Taste of the fabric of the “Yatsuhashi” is maintained. They invented a new way to eat and attract. Some as art and handmade craft “Yatsuhashi” are decorated in showcase as like a “miniature doll”. Some tourist are surprised that “This really is able to eat?”.

You can choose some items, and eat at Cafe. This shop are fashionable bright white in vivid green accents. It is just like a jewelry store!

“Yatsuhashi” is two kinds, one is baked and another is not baked. Both of “Yatsuhashi” is made by rice flour with “Nikki” and sugar. “Nikki” is cinnamon, and shop name is originated from “Nikki”.

[ Information ] “Nikiniki” Kawaramachi
Nishi-kiyamachi, Shijo-st. Shimogyo-ku dist, Kyoto-city.
■TEL: +81-75-254-8284
Very near from “Hankyu Kawaramachi Station”.

Artistic "Yatsuhashi"  Decorated in showcase as like a "miniature doll" "Yatsuhashi" is two kinds.  "Nikiniki" shop.