[ Today’s Japanese food: “Somen” ]

Chilled "Somen".

Today’s Japanese food is “Somen”.

“Somen” is a kind of noodle made from flour. It is less than 1.3 mm in diameter, is more thin than the “Udon”.

It is dried noodles, you can eat it anytime.
It is often eaten chilled, and we are commonly available as a cool summer noodle dish.

After boiling noodles, cool it with iced water or the running water. And dip it into the cold soup or tsuyu (a katsuobushi-based sauce) . This is the most common way of eating “Somen”.

As a spice, we use dried bonito, grated ginger, sesame, Japanese ginger, Japanese pepper, “shichimi”(blend of seven spices), “katsuo-bushi”.

And for arrangement cooking of “Somen”, we also put tomato and avocado, an egg, shrimp, and a cucumber.

Also, using cut bamboo, we flow the “Somen” in the water and catch it with chopsticks to eat it. It is called “Nagashi somen” (flowing noodles).

It is a Japan summer feature.

Dry "Somen".  Arrange cooking of "Somen". "Nagashi somen" (flowing noodles).