[ The Japanese food: “UDON” ]

Tempura- UDON

Today’s Japanese food is “UDON”.
“UDON” is the Japanese noodle soup dish.
The base ingredients of “UDON” are white flour noodles, and “Katsuo-dashi” (dried bonito) soup. The soup is called “Men-tuyu” (noodles soup). Usually, we eat “UDON” with the hot “Men-tuyu”.
There are two kinds of “Men-tuyu” in each region.
In the Kantō region (main is Tokyo), soup is thick and dark. Its seasoning is soy sauce (“syouyu”).
But in Kansai region (main is Osaka), soup is thin adversely. Because in Kansai, the stock is made from kelp (“konbu”).
Also there are many kinds of “UDON” menu.
Example, ”Tempura-UDON” (topped with tempura, especially prawn or kakiage),
“Kake-UDON” (in Kantō) or “Su-UDON” (in Kansai): (topped with thinly sliced scallion),
“Curry-UDON” (a curry sauce made with “Katsuo-dashi” ),
“Zaru-UDON” (topped with shredded nori seaweed. It is cold type) and so on.
Please compare Kantō and Kansai “UDON” by eating, if you have the chance!

Tempura-UDON is hot soup type.  Zaru-UDON Zaru-UDON is cold soup type.