[ Today’s Japanese food: “Yakisoba” ]

Orthodox "Yakisoba".

Today’s Japanese food is “Yakisoba”.
“Yakisoba” is one of the typical Japanese foods.
Not to mention at home, it is always eaten in BBQ or the festivals.

“Yakisoba” is a noodle dish.
We fry noodles, vegetables (such as cabbage, carrot, an onion, bean sprouts) and meat (such as the pork), with worcester sauce.

In the various parts of Japan, there are “Gotouchi Yakisoba” limited at the local area.

It is also commercialized as instant food. There is a food called “Yakisoba pan”. It is put “Yakisoba” between a bread.

It is reasonable delicious food in Japan. But it is home-made dish by the each families.

Making "Yakisoba" at BBQ.  Making "Yakisoba" at festival.  "Yakisoba pan"