[ The Japanese food “RAMEN” ]

The basic "Shoyu-RAMEN".

Today’s Japanese food is “RAMEN”.
“RAMEN” is a Japanese noodle soup dish.
The ingredients of “RAMEN” are Chinese-style wheat noodles, and the soup. The Soup are meat-based or fish-based broth, often flavored with “Shoyu” (soy sauce) or “Sio” (salt) or “Miso” (soybean).
The toppings of “RAMEN” are various things, such as “Cha-shu” (sliced pork), “Nori” (seaweed), ”Kamaboko”(fish paste), “Negi” (green onions), and boiled egg.
There are also many kinds of “RAMEN”s in each region. “Tonkotsu” (pork bone broth) “RAMEN” is from the Kyushu. “Miso” (soybean) “RAMEN” is made in Hokkaido. “Shoyu” (soy-flavoured chicken broth) “RAMEN” is Tokyo style.
Recently, there are also Halal certificated “RAMEN” shop in Asakusa.

People all over the world can eat the Japanese “RAMEN” now!
Do you like “RAMEN” ?

"RAMEN" and "Gyouza" set.  Soup matches noodles well! “Tonkotsu-RAMEN”.