[Today’s Japanese food “Takenoko-gohan”]

"Takenoko" dishes

Today’s Japanese food is “Takenoko-gohan” (Steamed rice with bamboo shoots).

“Takenoko-gohan” is a kind of “Takikomi gohan”. It is a Japanese rice dish seasoned with dashi and soy sauce with “Takenoko”.

In Japan, “Takenoko” is harvested in spring or early summer. So, we eat often “Takenoko-gohan” in this season.

How to cook.
1) Boil the “Takenoko” and cool down it.
2) Slice the “Takenoko” to about 1cm in quarter slice.
3) Put the rice, 2), fried tofu, dashi and soy sauce into the pot.
4) Steamed 3) about 30 minutes. It’s complete!

“Takenoko-gohan” is one of dishes in the spring. Please try it!

"Takenoko-gohan"  "Takenoko-gohan"