[ Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park / Kanagawa ]

"ASHIKA-JIMA" (Sea Lion Island)

Today we introduce “Aburatsubo Marine Park” Aquarium at Kanagawa Pref..
The “Aburatsubo Marine Park” Aquarium is packed with fun things to do. The each areas of the park has a variety of animals and unique exhibits and displays.

There are some attractions in this park! At first, there is “SAKANA-NO-KUNI”. It is the aquarium displayed a variety of large sharks, Megamouth shark and so on. You feel like being walking in sea tunnel!

In “FANTASIUM”, dolphins and sea lions are performed the beautiful and thrilling show. The performance’s theme is “contact between humans and marine life”. This performance is held indoor ocean theater.

And in the “MIURA-SIZENKAN”, the variety of animals from the Miura Peninsula are displayed.

You can also watch the “IRUKA-NO-POOL” (Dolphin Pool), “ASHIKA-JIMA” (Sea Lion Island) and “PENGUIN-JIMA” (Penguin Island). These animals are so cute!

There are the “MISAKI-MAGURO” restaurant named “Log Terrace”. You can dine on the famous misaki tuna!

[Information] Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park
■Opening hours:
Business Hours is changed by Season.
Usually 9:00~17:00
■Entering (ticket) fee:
Adult:1, 700yen / Junior High School Student:1, 300yen / Elementary School Student:850yen / Infant:450yen
1082 Koajiro, Misakimachi, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
■URL: http://www.aburatsubo.co.jp/language/english/
■Tel: +81-46-880-0152
By train:
1) Get on the train from Keikyu “Shinagawa Station” to “Misaki-guchi Station”.
2) From Bus stop 1 in “Misaki-guchi Station”, you get on the bus for “Aburatsubo”.
3) 5 minutes walking from final bus stop “Aburatsubo”.

"PENGUIN-JIMA" (Penguin Island)  Big Aquarium sawfish  Jellyfish