[Today’s Japanese word “Gacha”]

"Gacha" (Capsule toy)

Today’s Japanese word “Gacha” (Capsule toy).

“Gacha” is the machine of which goods come out when putting coins and turning the handle.
In Japan, it is the familiar toy. It is often found at department stores or toy shops.

This toy machine has many names.
That depends on the time, an area and an sales manufacturer.
For example, “Gacha-gasha”, “Gacha-pon”, “Gasha-pon”, “Gacha”, “Peekup” and so on.
We call these whole “capsule toys” from the trademark relationship.

Well, recently Narita Airport’s “Gacha” has been a topic.
It is because “gacha” of “171 units” was set up in Narita Airport.
It was “Takara Tomy Arts” that set it up.
That toy is a popular souvenir.

How to use “Gacha”.
① Check prices.
② Put as many as 100 yen coins as needed. (Attention: Only 100 yen coin can be used.)
③ Turn the handle.
④ Get the toy!

Popular capsules toy are sold out soon!!

Narita Airport's "Gacha" has been a topic.  How to use "Gacha"