[Today’s Japanese word “Happi”]

“Happi” (Happi coat)

Today’s Japanese word “Happi” (Happi coat).
“Happi” is one of the traditional Japanese costume.
“Happi” is worn in Japanese festivals.

The origin of “Happi” is that Samurai was wearing a “Happi” that dyed a family crest.
A craftsman or the firefighters began wearing it too.

The firefighting team also use the “Happi” as a uniform now.
This is a tradition that continued from the firefighters of the samurai era.

By the way, Japan’s festival has the tradition wearing a “Happi”.
So, it will be distinguished from the tourist of the festival.

The team wearing “Happi” is separated from the other groups.
And, it is the uniform for the strong unity and fellow.

The origin of "Happi" is from the firefighters.  Various types of "Happi"