[Today’s Japanese word “Aki-no-Dokusho-shuukan”]

“Aki-no-Dokusho-shuukan” (Book Week in Autumn).

Today’s Japanese word is “Aki-no-Dokusho-shuukan” (Book Week in Autumn).

Autumn is the best season for reading books.

Japan has “Aki-no-Dokusho-shuukan” (Book Week in Autumn). This period is from October 27 to November 9.
The center of 2 weeks is the “Bunka-no-hi” (Culture Day), it is one of the National holidays in Japan).

In 1924 (it is the next year of the “Great Kanto Earthquake”) “dokusho-shukan” was established first. A large quantity of books disappear by the Great Kanto Earthquake.
So, “Japan Library Association” began the “Library Week”, it was the origin.

“Book Week” is a period “to recommend read a book positively”. Usually, people who do not read the book might be a good opportunity for reading book.
In this period, there are some events in the led by the school. For example, they hold the recruitment of slogans or the contest of report for reading book.

About reading books, it can enjoy reading regardless of age or gender.
What do you read?

What do you read?  Do you like Library?