[Japan of May]

The flowers of "fuji" (wisteria) become in full bloom.

Became in May.

Japanese climate is good and tourist season.
And the flowers of “fuji” (wisteria) and the azalea become in full bloom.

Japanese people feel very new mood in May.

1) Golden Week (5/3-5/5)
Every 5/3, 5/4, 5/5 is national holiday.
Most companies will make a long vacation in that holidays.
Its name is “Golden Week”.

2) Constitution Memorial Day (5/3)
It is a holiday established in commemoration of the Constitution of Japan. It had been enforced on May 3, 1947.

3) Greenery Day (5/4)
It was called “People’s Day” in the Showa era.
However, now is “Greenery Day”. Its name was changed after the Emperor Showa was passed away.

4) Children’s Day (5/5)
This is a holiday that was enacted in 1948.
We decorate the “Carp streamer” and “Armor helmet”.

5) Mother’s Day (second Sunday)
This day is the taking care of your mother. It is the day that represents the gratitude to the mother.
In Japan, it is common to present a carnation.

In may, it is very comfortable season.
Various events are held in all over Japan.
In addition, the traditional festival will be held.

Let’s enjoy a refreshing May!

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Children's Day  Mother's Day