[ Today’s Japanese word: “Seijin-shiki” ]

Girls wears "Kimono" or "Hakama". There is a family preparing for "Kimono" for more than one year.

Today’s Japanese word is “Seijin-shiki” (coming-of-age ceremony).

“Seijin-shiki” is the ceremony which 20 years old people participate in. It is held to celebrate those who have newly become adults.
In addition, mainly they participate in the ceremony in their home town.
If they have job or school in the far distance, they will go back and participate in the ceremony at their home town.

“Seijin-shiki” is held in the second Monday of January in many areas. It’s the national holiday in Japan. (Prior to 2000, it was held to January 15.)
But, in some snowfall areas, the ceremony is held in the summer.
Because the local area is covered with snow, they are difficult to return to their home.

At the “Seijin-shiki” in January, they often wear “kimono” or “haori-hakama”. It is Japanese traditional costume.
However, some people wears wacky dress.
“Kitakyushu” city (Fukuoka-ken) is famous for wearing wacky costumes.
At the “Seijin-shiki” in summer, some people wears “yukata”, but many people wears casual fashion.

By the way, some city has a theme park, so “Seijin-shiki” is held in there.
For example, “Seijin-shiki” of “Urayasu” city (Chiba-ken) is held in Tokyo Disney Resort (Disney Land). So they are celebrated from “Mickey Mouse”!!

The “Seijin-shiki” at various regions is the seasonal news in January.
How about your country?

We create pomposity by tying the "Obi"(sash) in big ribbon.