[ Japan of January ]

Japan of January

It became in January.

In Japan, January is the most important things in one-year.
For example, we will decide my goal about this year.

We will introduce some events in January.

1) New Year’s terms (1/1~1/15)
New Year’s holiday has many traditional events.
We generally take the holiday from 1/1 to 1/3.

2) “Nanakusa-Gayu” (1/7)
We eat the seven herbs on January 7 with the rice. It is especially said to the “Haru-no-nanakusa” (spring herbs).
“Nanakusa-Gayu”(the rice porridge with seven herbs) is the porridge including the seven types of herbs.

3) “Kagami-biraki” (1/11)
“Kagami-biraki” means “cutting the “Kagami-mochi”.
“Kagami-Mochi” is the decoration for the New Year celebration in Japan.
By eating the “Kagami-Mochi”, we can have the power from “Toshigami-sama” (god). And we pray health and happiness about this year.
We put the cut “Kagami-Mochi” in “Zoni” or “Oshiruko” (sweet soybean’s soup), and eat it.

4) “Seijin-shiki” (coming of age ceremonies) (1/15)
“Seijin-shiki” is the ceremony which 20 years old’s people participate. It is held for celebration those who have newly become adults.

There are many events in January.
Have you decided on your goals?
Let’s have a good year this year!

Nanakusa-Gayu  “Kagami-Mochi” in "Oshiruko" (sweet soybean's soup) "seijin-shiki" (coming of age ceremonies)