[Today’s Japanese word “Iwate no jitte”]

Unique icon・"Onsen"(Hot spring) version

Today’s Japanese word is “Iwate no jitte” (10ways for iwate).

Well, what is “Iwate no jitte”?
That’s a nickname of “Inbound (foreigner visits) countermove for all Iwate”.

Iwate Prefecture will host the National Athletic tournament, the Rugby World Cup, the 2020 Olympics and the 2020 Paralympic Games.

Therefore, the people in Iwate prefecture started the countermove about foreigner visiting.

This time we introduce the “pictogram” is one of “Iwate no jitte”.
There are various pictograms in Japan. It sees it a lot on a sightseeing spot or a road.
“Iwate no jitte” was expressed easily, clearly and more fun.
This icon is very interesting, is not it?

Iwate becomes more interesting and exciting!

If you come to Japan, please come to Iwate in Tohoku!

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