[“Senso-ji Temple” jam-packed with a lot of Japan]

"Senso-ji Temple"

For a foreigner, the most popular spot in Japan is the “Senso-ji Temple”!
At “Senso-ji Temple”, you can take a lot of photos of Japanese beautiful scenery. It is attractive even if you take wherever.
If you come to Asakusa, you should take photo in front of “Kaminarimon Gate” at first. The large lantern hanging over “Kaminarimon Gate” is the symbol of Asakusa.

When you pass through “Kaminarimon Gate” and go ahead through the way “Nakamise Shopping Street”, “Senso-ji Temple” is seen in the depths.
The origin of”Senso-ji Temple” is said that early in the 7th century, local fishermen pulled up a statue of Bodhisattva Kannon in the Sumida River.
By the way, Senso-ji’s paper fortune is also famous. Because it often appears “unlucky” !

[ Information ] Senso-ji Temple
6:00~17:00(Apr. thru Sep.),
6:30~16:30(Oct. thru Mar.)
2-3-1 Asakusa,Taito-ku,Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3842-0181
■URL: http://www.senso-ji.jp/about/index_e.html
Ginza Line and Toei Asakusa Line
Get off at “Asakusa Station”

"Kaminarimon Gate"  "Senso-ji Temple" in Night