[ Today’s “Wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweet): “Sakura-mochi”]


I would like to start a new corner introducing about the “Wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweet) from today!

The first, we introduce you “Sakura-mochi”.

“Sakura-mochi” is a “Wagashi” in connection with a cherry tree.
“Sakura” refers to the leaf of the cherry tree, and “mochi” refers to bean-jam cake.

In other words, “Sakura-mochi” is a sweet which a rice cake is wrapped with the leaf of the cherry tree.
And, two different names are known by the place where the “Sakura-mochi” was made. There are “Do-myo-ji” and “Chyo-mei-ji”.
1) “Do-myo-ji”
Photo1-2 are “Sakura-mochi” called “Do-myo-ji”. As for the characteristic of “Do-myo-ji”, it has a flat or ball shape. And as for the rice cake, the rice cake has elasticity and sticky.
For cooking it, you steam “Do-myo-ji” flour and make a rice cake, and fill this with bean jam, and you wrap it in the leaf of the cherry tree at last.
It is a “Wagashi” of Kyoto formerly. In Osaka there is a temple of the same name which the “Do-myo-ji” flour was derived from.
2) “Chyo-mei-ji”
Photo3-4 are “Sakura-mochi” called “Chyo-mei-ji”.
“Chyo-mei-ji” is using the salted leaf of the cherry tree. It is originated in the Edo era.
“Chyo-mei-ji” uses the baked rice cake dough. Most have a shape of the folio type.
For cooking it, you extend wheat flour with water and make the dough by heat and hardened. You wrap the bean jam with the dough, and cover the dough with the leaf of the cherry tree to finish it.
“Sakura-mochi” is made to enjoy the four seasons in Japan (mainly spring).

“Sakura-mochi” is the “Wagashi” which you can recognize that “Now it is spring”.

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”Anko” (bean jam) is stuffed inside.  ”Chyo-mei-ji” The folio type "Cho-mei-ji".