[ Autumn recreation week: “Silver Week” ]

Go to the driving.

There are consecutive holidays called “Silver Week” in Japan in the third or fourth week of September. The name was acquired from “Golden Week”, which is long holidays in May..

But it is the rarity, so it is also called a “Platinum week” (compare it for Golden Week).

During autumn consecutive holidays, where will the Japanese go?
Some people go for overseas travel, however it is often many people go to a domestic trip or a domestic recreation’s spot.

The standard spot and act of the autumn leisure is,
driving the car.
climbing and hiking.
pear picking, gathered chestnuts, grape picking.
going to theme park.

It is comfortable to spend the autumn because the hotness getting let up.
And it is the best season to challenge various things.
So in Japan, we express the autumn in special name.

1) Autumn of the appetite.
2) Autumn of sports.
3) Autumn of reading.
4) Autumn of the art.
5) Autumn of the holiday.

It is Japanese pleasure to enjoy these autumns during the period of “Silver Week”.

Go to the hiking.  Go to the gathering chestnuts. Go to the theme park.