[Today’s Japanese word “Satsuki-Bare”]


Today’s Japanese word “Satsuki-bare” (Early summer bright day during the rainy season).

The “Satsuki” is that of “May” in “Wahu-getsu-mei”.
The mean of “Bare” or “Hare” is weather of the fine”.
(Old Japanese people used the Japanese-style name of the month, it called the “Wahu-getsu-mei” (Japanese-style moon name)).

“Satsuki-Bare” originally was that of the “Tsuyu” (rainy season) of sunny interval in May of the lunar calendar (now of June).
Also referred to as a “Tsuyu-Bare” (sunny spell during rainy season).
Now, we use “Satsuki-Bare” that means of “refreshing sunny in May”.

Soon in Japan, it is “Tsuyu” (the rainy season).
Enjoy the sunny day before “Tsuyu”!

The origin of "Happi" is from the firefighters.   “Happi” (Happi coat)